Hoodie Blues!

it doesn't really look like this

A (very) belated Happy New Year to you all! Been on a wee sabbatical since Hogmanay, with Niall being in a land down under for a month, but we are back now and raring to go.

A big thank you must be said to the Kintail posse, who we had the pleasure of entertaining just before Christmas. Absolutely the best we have ever been looked after! Great craic in the pub too, even the jarrings we got for having a break in the set were friendly! (NB. Never break in the middle again, even if the guy that’s paying you wants to!) A great night, bonnie journey, nice folk, good party after, allegedly! All in all a good way to have our first gig for ages, if a little rusty on our part?!?

Never wanting to leave a man down, RB, the man at the back, mumbled something about his new hoodie, which was left behind somewhere between Kintail and Dignity. It is as pictured above, depicting “Some Commie Dictator type”, as the man himself said.

The next big set of Thank you’s would need to be for The Beat Bothy crew, John, Adam, Spad, who are collectively known as Halcyon, Dolphinboy and everyone that came along to Ullapool Hall for that. I would say it was one of our best gigs of the year, and a great way to sign off for a bit.

Absolutely loved Dolphinboy’s set, best DJ set I’ve heard in a very long time! A night of hardcore Rum and Bass ensued, was rough as old boots the next day, but think most of Ullapool was too, so had good company!

So, what next then? We are desperately working away behind the scenes to get some new tunes together to gig, are nearing completion of the first of the tracks  we aim to release this year, and have booked our first festival of  the year, the NORTHERN ROOTS FESTIVAL, at BOGBAIN FARM, Inverness, on 1st June.

Should be a belter, with us getting to play at Midnight and rounding off the night, on a bill alongside the likes of MAIREARAD & ANNA (Amazing Trad. at its very best), NUALA KENNEDY (Flute like you’ve never heard) and ROB HERON & THE TEA PAD ORCHESTRA (Who knows,  but it’s a great name!) this should be a welly melter of a night! See you soon, NR

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